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(一)林水城律師事務所  林水城律師

(一)Mingfa Zhenxing United Law Firm, Attorney Song Mingzheng

(二)Wuzhou Law Firm Lawyer Qian Shifeng, Lawyer Zeng Yilun, Lawyer Huang Yaoting

"Personal Data Protection Law" public statement content

Welcome to use the relevant services of the Association. In accordance with the provisions of Article 8 Paragraph 1 of the Personal Data Protection Law (hereinafter referred to as the Personal Information Law), in order to ensure the protection of users’ personal data, privacy and rights, when you have read and agreed to the individual When the data protection law informs the content, it means that you are willing to exercise the rights of consent given by the law in the form of electronic files, and have the effect of written consent. If you do not agree, please leave this webpage. If you need services, please contact the service staff of our society. (The following is the statement that the Society must inform you in accordance with the "Personal Data Protection Law". Please be sure to read it carefully.)


1.Purpose of collecting personal data:

(一)Behaviours in various professions, science, technical services, law, accounting, corporate management, management consulting, construction, engineering services, technical testing, research and development, advertising, market research, special design, veterinary services, etc., all belong to the industry. Purpose of collectio

(二)The above-mentioned related businesses or other work scopes that meet the definition of business items.

2. Personal data collection categories:

(一)Identification (for example: Chinese and English name, national identity card uniform number, identification code, student or employee ID number, contact phone number, address, gender, place of birth, e-mail address, account number and account name, other identification card numbers Or electronic identification stamps), characteristics (for example: birth date, nationality, personal photos, handwriting and paper documents), social status (for example: occupation, academic experience), financial details (for example: bank account number, Account name or financial information related to the purpose of this collection), etc.

(二) The Society will automatically record the user's browsing activities and other related data on the website, but these data are only used for internal traffic analysis and Internet behavior surveys of the Society in order to improve the quality of the website's service.

3. The period, region, object and method of using personal data:

(一)Period: The period of use is the period of preservation necessary for this society or business.

(二)Region: Your personal information will be used in the region where the Society provides services.

(三)Target: The association's joint marketing, interactive use of customer information companies, cooperative promotion units, business contacts, agencies with investigative powers or financial supervision agencies in accordance with the law.

(四)Method: electronic file, paper, or using automated machines or other non-automated use methods.

4. According to Article 3 of the Personal Information Law, you can exercise the following rights with respect to the society’s retention of your personal data:

(一)The right to inquire, read, duplicate, supplement, correct, request to stop collection, request to stop processing, request to stop using, request to delete, etc.


(一)林水城律師事務所  林水城律師

(二)明法臻興聯合律師事務所 宋明政律師

(三)五洲法律事務所 錢師風律師、曾邑倫律師、黃耀霆律師

Image material and program license declaration

1. The website design and system integration services of the Institute are provided by Baiquan Digital Innovation Integration Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Baiquan Company). The webpage pictures are all authorized to use by legal stock companies. The copyright of all programs in the website, unless otherwise specified, All are owned by legal image companies or have been authorized by the copyright holder.

2.All webpage design materials, picture materials and programs used on the website are protected by copyright. Any user who needs to quote to reproduce, modify, edit, publicly transmit or use in other ways, develop various products or Services (referred to as value-added derivatives) require written or other authorization from the Institute and Baiquan Company.


(一)林水城律師事務所  林水城律師

(二)明法臻興聯合律師事務所 宋明政律師

(三)五洲法律事務所 錢師風律師、曾邑倫律師、黃耀霆律師

IPMA 4-L-C certification application statement

1.Those who apply for the IPMA 4-L-C certification do not need to join the TPMA membership, and can apply for it.

2. Those who apply for IPMA 4-L-C certification do not need to participate in training, as long as they meet the qualifications and experience of the certification level, they can apply.

3. Applicants for IPMA 4-L-C certification are not limited to any industry, title, gender, or nationality, as long as they have project management knowledge, management practical experience and skills, they can apply.