IPMA L-D International Project Management Certification Course (including certification fees and international registration fees)


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    1. Course Features

    This course will focus on the practical application and certification of project management, so that students can acquire project management skills, establish a fluent cross-department communication platform with the professional language of project management, and cultivate students' professional methods of doing things in their positions with project management methods. In order to promote the improvement of the overall work efficiency of the organization, strengthen the students' ability to solve problems and create opportunities.

    2. Subjects

    Interested in learning project management knowledge.

    3. Teaching mode

    1. This course adopts "online course video teaching", and the class time is allocated by itself, and it is not limited by time period, area and distance.

    2. After the study course is over, the TPMA Odoo system will conduct an online certification written test with a total of 120 questions, and those who pass the test with a score of 70 or more can obtain the IPMA L-D International Project Manager Certificate.

    3. Participants must watch online course videos and complete the online written test certification within six months.

    4. For each person who fails the first certification written test, there is another chance to retake the test for free.

    4. Course Outline

    1.1 Project and project management

    1.2 Project Management Body of Knowledge

    1.3 Project stakeholders

    1.4 Project Organization and Role Responsibilities

    1.5 Complexity of project management

    2.1 Confirmation of project requirements

    2.2 Project Proposal

    2.3 Project Feasibility Analysis

    2.4 Portfolio Management

    3.1 Project scope planning

    3.2 Project Human Resource Planning

    3.3 Project progress planning

    3.4 Project cost and financial planning

    3.5 Project Procurement Planning

    3.6 Project Quality Planning

    3.7 Project Communication Planning

    3.8 Project Risk Planning

    4.1 Project Execution Plan

    4.2 Stakeholder Management

    4.3 Communication and meeting management

    4.4 Problem Solving

    4.5 Team building and development

    4.6 Leadership and Motivation

    4.7 Consultation and negotiation

    4.8 Quality Assurance

    4.9 Purchasing and contract management

    5.1 Status Tracking and Reporting

    5.2 Project Change Management

    5.3 Scope verification and control

    5.4 Progress monitoring and control

    5.5 Cost supervision and control

    5.6 Quality supervision and control

    5.7 Procurement supervision and control

    5.8 Risk Supervision and Control

    6.1 Project acceptance

    6.2 Case Closing Administration

    6.3 Project knowledge management

    7.1 Key Functional Indicators for the Insights Function

    7.2 Key Functional Indicators for People Functions

    7.3 Key Functional Indicators for Practice Functions

    8.1 SCRUM roles and responsibilities

    8.2 Operational procedures of SCRUM

    8.3 Five major meetings of SCRUM


    1. This course already includes the certification fee and international registration fee, you can directly participate in the exam certification without having to pay the registration fee.Students can log in and watch as many times as they want within half a year.

    3. The copyright is owned by the Project Management Association of Corporate Legal Persons. Students should not to take screen shots or re-post at will, and are not allowed to defy the law.

    *For the question bank included in this course, the browsing permission will be cancelled after the certification is approved to ensure the fairness of the certification.

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